We were very pleased to note that iLex and LEXI were listed in a 4 – page article in the February 2018 issue of Forbes!

Hong Kong Invest sees serious potential in iLex

They have passed

Thoughts On Cloud: Hungarian startup iLex Systems taps SoftLayer private cloud for corporate legal solution

Navigating the corporate legal process can be daunting for even the savviest organizations. Not only does it require coordinating activities between various agencies and an acute understanding of ever-changing regulations and laws, but it can also seem to go on forever. Worse, costs can run sky high.

Europe on a Silver Platter – Innomine Opens Doors in Silicon Valley

Established boutique consultancy Innomine has announced it is merging its European and Silicon Valley operations, putting it in the top spot to deliver prestige European startups, innovation partnerships and public funding to Silicon Valleys best investors and corporations.

SAP HUNSUG Forum: The way of iLex from Budapest to Silicon Valley

iLex 4 SB ( for small business): Delivery of discounted models for SME sector had begun

iLex to be regular course at Budapest Business School

53. Economist Annual Conference, Miskolc: iLex - Legal Counsels of the future

iLex won IBM award in category Innovation

12 months of the iLex- IBM collaboration

52 Economist Annual Conference, Nyíregyháza

iLex commercial made in honour of joining the IBM Global Entrepreneur Partners

ILEX development contest announced at the University of Pécs

Hungarian product on the IBM Cloud Marketplace

ILex System Inc. and its recently developed ILex legal service system was selected as the first product from the CEE region to be sold through the new IBM Cloud Marketplace. The news was announced on the yearly meeting of the Hungarian Economic Association by Ferenc Pongracz, IBM Regional Business Development Director. He also mentioned, that it was questionable if any European company could get into the system, but finally 4 countries were selected by the American team and Hungary also managed to get into this elite group, thanks to the outstanding, innovative product of ILex.

New intelligent corporate legal service system

iLex Systems Ltd. captured the Hungarian and the international corporate market with an IT solution that includes a significant innovation of the legal corporate management. As a result of the development of a service concept, that lasted for many years with the participation of Hungarian senior managers, senior corporate lawyers and information technology specialists, an intelligent legal service system was created, that is able to manage effectively the whole corporate legal process. The implementation of the system not only increases the efficiency and transparency of the legal processes, but at the same time it decreases the costs related to the corporate legal activities.
You can read the whole article on the website of Világgazdaság.

A Hungarian-Israeli innovation forum took place in the Chamber of Commerce

A Conference took place recently in the Budapest Chamber of Commerce and Industry about the status of national technological innovations, the Hungarian-Israeli cooperation in innovations and a very promising Hungarian infocommunicational development. His Excellency Ilan Mor, the Ambassador of the State Of Israel in Hungary, Kristóf Szatmáry the state secretary of economic regulations from the Ministry for National Economy and László Korányi, the vice-president of the NIO also attended the conference. In addition the main goal of the organizers was to demonstrate the advantages provided by infocommunicational technologies in corporate legal services.

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