iLex Legal Platform for large companies (LPO)

“Within the IBM Cloud iLex managed to create a center for legal integrated management solutions in a way never seen before: accessible with just one click.”



iLex is a SLA-based, intelligent legal platform, that is able to combine and treat the entire legal process system of companies and their suppliers / business partners, regardless of their size, as a legal ecosystem. It is the first peer-to-peer legal management system, which increases efficiency in the legal field, even if we buy only the platform for our company. If we are ready to implement more innovation, choose the LaaS (Law as a Service) model, to have legal costs actually be planned and legal work to be transparent. iLex not only performs workflow or document management tasks, but also has an integrated and extended-functionality legal corporate governance system. iLex’s new generation lawyers are currently serving hundreds of companies in Hungary, and from December 2017 in abroad too.

dr. Marianna Ritter CEO, iLex Systems Ltd.


In the case of social sciences, such as law, trust and credibility are primary calling words. iLex’s legal platform provides its users with nearly 20 years of corporate law knowledge, experience and innovative solution. We are proud that iLex is now a subject at several home and foreign law universities.

iLex and IBM

iLex have been collaborating with IBM successfully for several years and have been a reference client for IBM cloud services since its inception. In 2015, IBM rewarded iLex’s activity in innovation with the Business Partner of the Year award in Hungary. In 2017 iLex, as a pioneer has started the integration of IBM Cognitive Artificial Intelligence solutions into its services.

“We are proud, that we can collaborate with such an innovative Hungarian startup, like iLex!”

Ferenc Pongrácz
Business Development Executive,
IBM Hungary

Why iLex?

  • iLex optimizes your legal processes, provides significant legal cost savings up to 20% and full transparency to your company.

  • iLex is “tailor-made”, because it can be used with either company- based legal advisors or with an outsourced service model (LaaS), in the latter case with the help of lawyers with specialized legal expertise.

  • Accelerates and streamlines processes, and increases the efficiency of legal operation.

  • Available on mobile and wearable devices, anywhere and anytime.

  • With the Time-Sheet function, you can measure the legal services performed in terms of quality and quantity.

  • It integrates e-litigious General Form Filler forms and can create smart documents.


  • It creates the legal network for corporations with internal legal department and external lawyer / advisory bureaus.

  • Creates legal management for the selected members of the operational management by the assignment of the legal staff.

  • Differentiated organizational unit architecture: classes / groups / users.

  • Runs on a variety of platforms (IOS, Android, Windows).

  • There is a competitor access within the system.

  • Includes access control.

  • Includes an e-signature for mobile devices.


iLex won the IBM Innovation Award in 2015 and became the partner of the year. Our attorneys are the founders and executives of the Information Technology department of the Hungarian Lawyer Society’sMetropolitan Organization. The lawyer members of the management were rewarded several times for their work for the organization of Hungarian law-making and the innovation of legal information technology.

LEXI the cognitive legal assistant

Our products

Beyond corporate law process optimization for corporations, iLex Systems Ltd. also provides legal support for law firms, notaries, executive offices, legal networks, SMEs, legal services and authorities and soon for individuals as well.

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